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When it comes to pet care services and pet supplies in northeast New Jersey, Animal Kingdom is the only name you need to know.
Our East Orange location provides an extensive selection of Tropical fish, Exotic birds, reptiles, small animals, pet products, dog and cat foods as well as expert dog and cat grooming. We also provide pet boarding and sitting on a limited basis. Any special orders are welcome at no additional charge!

Fish and Aquariums

We offer a large variety of exotic fish for your aquarium, including oscars, parrot fish, fantail goldfish, angel fish,discus, African and South American cichlids, piranhas, koi, pool fish and bettas. For added convenience, we will offer in-home aquarium setups for any location in our service area. You can always count on us to keep you updated on the latest and most effective tank cleaning processes as well.
Rabbit - Pet Grooming in East Orange, NJ

Small Animals for Sale

Add a brand new member to your family when you peruse our selection of pets and small animals. Our pet store offers rabbits, hamsters, parakeets, ferrets, reptiles, snakes, lizards and a wide variety of other small pets. Occasionally, we have puppies and kittens looking for a good home.

Pet Care Specialties

Our East Orange location carries a wide variety of pet supplies. You can also turn to us for overnight pet boarding services. We love animals and will always take good care of your pet companions.

Flea Dips & Skunk Treatments

If your dog or cat has been sprayed by a skunk, we will be able to treat your animal with a specialized skunk bath. This treatment will effectively remove skunk spray from your animal in no time at all. For pets with flea problems, our flea dips will eliminate all traces of fleas and eggs from your animal's fur.

Medicated Bath Treatments

Reduce frequent itching and prevent rashes on your pet with our medicated bath treatment. Using a specialized blend of oatmeal and Dermaplex™ aloe shampoo, we will sooth your pet's skin to reduce itching and scratching.
Any time you need merchandise from the East Orange Animal Kingdom store, we will gladly bring your order to the South Orange location for your pick up.
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East Orange Pet Shop & Grooming

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