Pet Services Offered in South Orange

Need pet supplies? Place an order with us, and we'll deliver merchandise from our East Orange store to our South Orange location for your pick up. Pet Day Care is available, however pets must be picked up before 5pm.

Pet Grooming Services

When it comes to pet care services in northeast New Jersey, Animal Kingdom is the only name you need to know. We will trim your pets' fur by hand and will never use cage drying methods on your furry friends. All grooming services come with complimentary nail clipping and ear cleaning services.

Flea Dips & Skunk Treatments

If your dog or cat has been sprayed by a skunk, we will be able to treat your animal with a specialized skunk bath. This treatment will effectively remove skunk spray from your animal in no time at all. For pets with flea problems, our flea dips will eliminate all traces of fleas and eggs from your animal's fur. Keep in mind our dips only kill parasites that currently infest your pets. Please inquire about preventative measures.

Medicated Bath Treatments

Reduce frequent itching and prevent rashes on your pet with our medicated bath treatment. Using a specialized blend of oatmeal and Dermaplex™ aloe shampoo, we will sooth your pet's skin to reduce itching and scratching.
Pets at our pet services facility near South Orange, NJ
Pamper your four-legged friends with our pet grooming services in South Orange, New Jersey.

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